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Feelin’ It.

You know that person who is chronically late? The first few times, they apologize for being late and then it just gets to the point where it’s common knowledge. No words are spoken but it’s universally understood, Norm is coming… but he’ll be late.  When he arrives on time, it’s a pleasant surprise. Well, that’s how blogging feels for me. I’m Norm. Gone are the days where I apologize for my lack of posts, but instead hope you see it as a pleasant surprise. So yeah… surprise!

Let’s see, two– well, three things I want to talk about. Something that you probably don’t know unless you’ve seen me in person is that my oldest brother Chris passed away a few months ago. Chris is my oldest brother, my first friend and the guy who I could always count on to walk with me. Grieving has been quite surprising in these last few months, with sporadic feelings of rage, gnawing heartache and sometimes painful silence. In all this though I would be a fool to deny that God has been behind me, has gone before me and has taken care of me in this time. He has given me a loving family, a beautiful sister-in-law and the friends I always prayed to have when I was a kid.  I miss Chris every day and am still figuring out how life works without him in it, but sadly and hopefully at the same time, I know it will. Thanks to all who have shown such lovin’ in these last few months. Although I am a quiet processor, even the littlest things have been dear to me.

So, I think I’ll keep this at two things since this might be the hardest transition I’ve ever had to write. Speaking of transitions, I’m getting rid of Facebook. A lot of you won’t care, but for the few who do… I am. I actually was without facebook for a couple of years and it was wonderful. Something you need to know about me is I like people observing… a lot. And facebook is to me, a cesspool of sorts that I often fall into… I am an extrovert to the maximum and I think facebook might be my kryptonite. They are like potato chips… can’t just like one…baby picture. 

I know what you’re thinking, Geez Jess, did you just come on here to doom and gloom my day? Actually, I think this lack of facebook will encourage me in reading more, and who knows, maybe Norm will be on time to the party on a more regular basis. I promise my next post will be more full of hope and rotisserie chickens. 


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