For Amelia

Amelia, since it’s your birthday and I’m not writing this blog half asleep, I will  try and make this post last a little longer than my usual three sentence maximum. Well, a lot has been on my mind… (**pause for quick Beyonce dance party break with Lauren and Rachel**… okay, and I’m back). Well, something I’ve had on my mind lately is the idea of feelings. I don’t plan on going too deep, but as you can see, I’m on sentence four and we’re just getting started.

I’ll touch on feelings in a little bit. I guess we’ll just start with telling you about my day. Days like today make me thankful for my small group, for my roommates, for Seattle, for Blue Sky… for this blessed life. As previously mentioned, today is Amelia’s birthday so we (my small group) threw a birthday brunch for her. I was in charge of potatoes. They were undercooked, but I’m not going to dwell… on the fact that I even took the time to preemptively microwave them, slice them thin and even fashion a lid out of wax paper to speed the cooking time and even still—- no, no… It’s fine. Back to the brunch, it was just as it should have been. The food was great and all of the usual characters came. Krsh made the waffles, Aaron made a spanish Torta-something, Melissa had bacon locked down, Jess brought drinks and was my ever faithful fried potato sidekick. As each gathering passes, it feels less like an organized small group and more like family. Groupies (Krsh, Emily, Sundar, Amelia, Melissa, Aaron, Jonathan, Lissa, Jess, George, Rocco, Anette) if you’re reading this, bahhhhh you guys are sooo… sooo… awesome. And for the birthday girl… you are a truly wonderful person and I’m so thankful for your dedication to friendships and the truth that seems to be ever abundant in you. It’s evident God dwells inside of you and I think that’s why troubled times feel more okay when you’re around. 

Well, this seems like a good stopping point. Remind me to tell you about the time Al and Jeffrey brought in a free 50″ TV into the house. That was really bizarre… and hilarious. Until next time.


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  1. +1 follower! Those potatoes were TRES yummy.

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