Le Sigh.

Okay, so I know. I didn’t post yesterday… in my defense,  I have none. Last night I had dinner with Melissa at Din Tai Fung and then came home and took out the garbage, which let me tell you is no easy task when the lip of the garbage can is taller than you. After that, I don’t remember what happened. I think I melted into the couch and then watched Up with Rachel… oh yeah, and I did laundry! Nope, that was the night before…  

(…some time later…) After confirming with Rachel, this is what actually happened. After work, I had an after work meeting, then dinner with Melissa, QFC trip, Up with Rachel and then I made my super healthy breakfast and lunch I ate today. So there you go. Today some pretty remarkable things happened… well potentially remarkable. I worry if I tell you then it won’t come true… call me old fashioned… or delusional. But don’t worry, I won’t forget. Just remember this code… Bill Gates is making the frittata. 

This will all make sense in one week. Hopefully, I’m still blogging by then 😉


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