Ting Ting Two’s Day

Bet you thought I wouldn’t show. To be honest, I thought the same thing. I don’t know if it’s this new year’s resolution mumbo jumbo or the image of my best friend Heather giving me the classic look that says of Jess… really? You made it one day? Either way, here I am… to your surprise and mine.

Well, today my writers block has been temporarily unblocked due to the fact that I just got home from Emily and Sundar’s wedding. Emily and Sundar are in my small group and are my dear, deer friends. (Emily, when you read this some day… I hope that made you smile :)) Okay, well… Emily more than Sundar. Emily was I think officially one of the first Blue Sky people I met on the fourth of July, 2007 at Sam & Kris’s house. Now I could do one of my classic blogs that goes on and on, bullet point after bullet point, but I won’t for two reasons:

– I want to try something new.

– I’m  hungry.

Just know this… Emily is the kind of friend everyone wants to have. That friend that let’s you be completely idiotic, selfish and goofy all at once. The kind of friend who you actually want to know what’s going on in her life and when she shares things, they are meaningful. Em, I love you and I love Sundar because he is now a part of you. And Sundar, you’re okay on your own I guess too. The wedding was just as it should have been. Full of joy and ting ting. For those of you less glitter-minded folk, the best way I can describe ting ting are sparkly curly glittery sticks. You find them in Christmas Trees and Center Pieces.  They are appropriate for any occasion… not only are they appropriate, but they are a highlight. Plus, to Amelia’s and my great delight, ting happens to rhyme with a lot… bling, ring, sing, ding, ming, bing, king … I mean, I could go on. So before I lose you as I have already lost my roomie Rachel in reading this aloud to her…. just remember three things from this post.

– Emily and Sundar are lovely.

– If ya got the ting ting, it’s yo bling bling so give a ring ring cause it makes you sing sing.

– See you tomorrow.


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