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Fetch is Happening

Okay, okay, so I’m not trying to make fetch happen. BUT, have you ever tried to bring back very dated slang. Some that quickly come to mind… Wazzup, Dudesy, Righteous, What-ever, SIKE! I mean, I could totally like go on for-ev-er. To confess, I may still bring in the occasional sike and frequently give my best Cher Horowitz “whatever” in my present day vernacular. This evening, in the literal eleventh hour, I have decided to bring back booya… with a twist. Drum roll please… BOO TO THE YA! That’s right you heard it here first. So the next time you see me, please feel free to raise the roof and holla boo to the ya. 

And for my viewing pleasure, I give you my favorite animal meme:



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For Amelia

Amelia, since it’s your birthday and I’m not writing this blog half asleep, I will  try and make this post last a little longer than my usual three sentence maximum. Well, a lot has been on my mind… (**pause for quick Beyonce dance party break with Lauren and Rachel**… okay, and I’m back). Well, something I’ve had on my mind lately is the idea of feelings. I don’t plan on going too deep, but as you can see, I’m on sentence four and we’re just getting started.

I’ll touch on feelings in a little bit. I guess we’ll just start with telling you about my day. Days like today make me thankful for my small group, for my roommates, for Seattle, for Blue Sky… for this blessed life. As previously mentioned, today is Amelia’s birthday so we (my small group) threw a birthday brunch for her. I was in charge of potatoes. They were undercooked, but I’m not going to dwell… on the fact that I even took the time to preemptively microwave them, slice them thin and even fashion a lid out of wax paper to speed the cooking time and even still—- no, no… It’s fine. Back to the brunch, it was just as it should have been. The food was great and all of the usual characters came. Krsh made the waffles, Aaron made a spanish Torta-something, Melissa had bacon locked down, Jess brought drinks and was my ever faithful fried potato sidekick. As each gathering passes, it feels less like an organized small group and more like family. Groupies (Krsh, Emily, Sundar, Amelia, Melissa, Aaron, Jonathan, Lissa, Jess, George, Rocco, Anette) if you’re reading this, bahhhhh you guys are sooo… sooo… awesome. And for the birthday girl… you are a truly wonderful person and I’m so thankful for your dedication to friendships and the truth that seems to be ever abundant in you. It’s evident God dwells inside of you and I think that’s why troubled times feel more okay when you’re around. 

Well, this seems like a good stopping point. Remind me to tell you about the time Al and Jeffrey brought in a free 50″ TV into the house. That was really bizarre… and hilarious. Until next time.

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P.S. I love you


PS meaning power skirt. Do you ever wear clothes and think yes, today will be a good day because today I’m not wearing scrubs (literally and figuratively), no, today I am wearing a power skirt. This short but meaningful post is dedicated to Ann Taylor. I think she’s a real person. Anywho, Ann… When you read this, just know you made today a great day.

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January 11, 2013 · 7:44 am

Le Sigh.

Okay, so I know. I didn’t post yesterday… in my defense,  I have none. Last night I had dinner with Melissa at Din Tai Fung and then came home and took out the garbage, which let me tell you is no easy task when the lip of the garbage can is taller than you. After that, I don’t remember what happened. I think I melted into the couch and then watched Up with Rachel… oh yeah, and I did laundry! Nope, that was the night before…  

(…some time later…) After confirming with Rachel, this is what actually happened. After work, I had an after work meeting, then dinner with Melissa, QFC trip, Up with Rachel and then I made my super healthy breakfast and lunch I ate today. So there you go. Today some pretty remarkable things happened… well potentially remarkable. I worry if I tell you then it won’t come true… call me old fashioned… or delusional. But don’t worry, I won’t forget. Just remember this code… Bill Gates is making the frittata. 

This will all make sense in one week. Hopefully, I’m still blogging by then 😉

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Due to my wireless being down (Comcast, if you’re reading this, you’re on thin ice, my friend) I present to you a picture of a meal I ate a couple of weeks ago. Hands down best grilled cheese I’ve ever had and wouldn’t you know it, made by yours truly… Under the direction of my roomie and close pal Rachel Loo. More on her later.

Well, I am a lot of things, and one thing I most definitely am is consistent… Even from my sweet little iPhone. Goodnight friends.

Also, my blog tells me that I had zero readers today. Mom, did I do something to upset you?


January 8, 2013 · 6:30 am

Three Amigos

Okay, so in honor of my third day of blogging (mind you at 10:42… I’m not blaming you for the late hour… but seriously) I am going to give you three books. One I’ve read in the past, the one I’m currently reading and the book I plan on reading after this.

1.) I have read Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani, which is probably in my top five favorite books. I don’t think it has any sort of literary honors, but it’s a feel good read. I feel a kinship with the main character Ave Maria and for some reason I am certain when they make this book into a movie, which is inevitable, Harry Connick Jr will be playing the love interest… you heard it here first.

2.) I am reading The Paris Wife, recommended to me by Heather who I trust knows my taste… and yet she recommended this book to me anyways. This book is on the first wife of Ernest Hemingway and their roller coaster marraige. I have never knowingly read a book where I know it will end in a way that might break my heart… but I guess this is just a part of growing up and the writing is good.

3.) After TPW, (or if I’m feeling especially voracious, I just might read them both at the same time) I plan on reading The Hobbit by your pal and mine (okay, fine… he’s my pal by association) J.R.R. Tolkien. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to read one of his books. Reading Science-Fantasy-esque type novels are the only way for me to completely not be terrified of the genre in its entirety. It could be because I made the mistake of watching LOTR before reading the books and the images of uruk hai coming up from the ground have been irreversibly burned into my memory. I’d like to think when I conjure up mythical creatures, they are a lot friendlier than Peter Jackson’s.

So… there you go. Day 3 complete with 58 minutes to spare. Boo to the ya.

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Ting Ting Two’s Day

Bet you thought I wouldn’t show. To be honest, I thought the same thing. I don’t know if it’s this new year’s resolution mumbo jumbo or the image of my best friend Heather giving me the classic look that says of Jess… really? You made it one day? Either way, here I am… to your surprise and mine.

Well, today my writers block has been temporarily unblocked due to the fact that I just got home from Emily and Sundar’s wedding. Emily and Sundar are in my small group and are my dear, deer friends. (Emily, when you read this some day… I hope that made you smile :)) Okay, well… Emily more than Sundar. Emily was I think officially one of the first Blue Sky people I met on the fourth of July, 2007 at Sam & Kris’s house. Now I could do one of my classic blogs that goes on and on, bullet point after bullet point, but I won’t for two reasons:

– I want to try something new.

– I’m  hungry.

Just know this… Emily is the kind of friend everyone wants to have. That friend that let’s you be completely idiotic, selfish and goofy all at once. The kind of friend who you actually want to know what’s going on in her life and when she shares things, they are meaningful. Em, I love you and I love Sundar because he is now a part of you. And Sundar, you’re okay on your own I guess too. The wedding was just as it should have been. Full of joy and ting ting. For those of you less glitter-minded folk, the best way I can describe ting ting are sparkly curly glittery sticks. You find them in Christmas Trees and Center Pieces.  They are appropriate for any occasion… not only are they appropriate, but they are a highlight. Plus, to Amelia’s and my great delight, ting happens to rhyme with a lot… bling, ring, sing, ding, ming, bing, king … I mean, I could go on. So before I lose you as I have already lost my roomie Rachel in reading this aloud to her…. just remember three things from this post.

– Emily and Sundar are lovely.

– If ya got the ting ting, it’s yo bling bling so give a ring ring cause it makes you sing sing.

– See you tomorrow.

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