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Crouching Tiger Hidden Snow Leopard

On April 18th, I received one of the most generous birthday gifts… of all time. Fred, Renee, Michael, David and Julie all pitched in a got me an iPod touch. I couldn’t wait to take it home and load all of my music on it and do all the things you’re supposed to do on an iPod… play Angry Birds, melodramatically vageubook about life, and download a fist pumping workout mix. I got home and discovered that my new fandangled contraption was not compatible with Gatsby. Oh I’m sorry, I’m not sure if you remember Gatsby. You may recall him from an earlier post. Gatsby is my Mac and we have been a duo since fall of 2006.  I was told that I just needed to upgrade my operating system to Snow Leopard, then I could upgrade my iTunes and then I’d be ready to rock and roll. And so it began…

I promptly went to the Apple Store and purchased Snow Leopard for $30. I was having trouble downloading, so I called my Mac pundit pal Sangwa for help. Unfortunately, over the phone nothing could be done, so I then dropped Gatsby off for a visit to my other Mac guru Jimmy and Gatsby stayed at his house for the weekend. When Gatsby returned, I was deeply saddened to learn that he didn’t have enough ram to download Snow Leopard so I would need to buy more ram. This option seemed a bit silly because as much as I love Gatsby, his age seemed to multiply with each passing day, and so I figured I would just forgo the Snow Leopard and buy a new computer in the near future. I mean, he could do everything else…The thought of buying a new computer stressed me out as I’m trying to get out of debt and buying a laptop didn’t seem at all productive toward that goal. But I knew God wanted me to wait, so I waited. Weeks turned into months and problem after problem arose. When something went right with Gatsby, an opposite reaction would occur shortly after. Well, when I wasn’t able to watch Jamie Oliver on Netflix, that’s when I had enough. I quickly went on Craigslist and put Gatsby up for sale. Nobody comes between me and my rosemary roasted chicken recipe.

Gatsby sparked a lot of interest so I knew there was just one thing left to do. Wipe him out. I found an interested buyer named Ernesto and told him I would meet him after I went to the Apple Store to get his memory erased. While I stood in the Apple Store, waiting for his memory to erase, nostalgia turned into regret and all of a sudden, I had made a huge mistake. What was I thinking selling Gatsby? Nothing good ever came out of acting on one of my fits. When the Apple guy came back with Gatsby he said “well, your Mac is all cleaned out.” It was finished.

On my way out, the Apple guy said, “Oh and you had a really old operating system on your computer.” Duh. “So I went ahead and upgraded you to Snow Leopard.” … In complete  and dumb shock, I just said thank you and left. He did the impossible. It was this Snow Leopard Operating System that was the bane of all of Gatsby’s problems… and now it was fixed. I called up Heather and Sangwa to seek counsel on what I should do with this Gatsby 2.0. I then knew I had to do something un-fun. I had to call up Ernesto and tell him I could no longer sell Gatsby. I truthfully explained everything that happened and Ernesto eventually saw my side. Ernesto, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re doing well. I took Gatsby home and was able to do all of things I couldn’t do before. He and I were given a new lease on life.

This entire saga has made me realize that God is many things, including a comedian. But most importantly, God is here. In Gatsby’s 11th hour, He saved Gatsby and He saved me from having to buy another computer. Like so many things in life, I didn’t need Gatsby, but what thing for God to do.

This post is dedicated to all the people who helped me in this trying time with Gatsby. Special shout outs go to Jimmy Li and Sangwa Simfukwe for their unfailing IT support.


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