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Some Hearts

A few months back, my good friend Maile asked if I wanted to go to the Carrie Underwood concert with her. I asked her how much the tickets were, since Carrie wasn’t my absolute favorite country singer.Maile said it would be my birthday present! How could I say no to such a thoughtful gesture? The only other thing I was concerned about was that I had never been to a big concert venue before and it worried me that the only view I would see would be a bunch of butts swaying back and forth… or even worse getting pushed into one of them. Vomit. Maile responded that she would protect me, I believed her. She is one of the very few people who I feel completely safe around. Mailes is a trained Federal Agent (<- is that right, Mailes?) and is very fierce about protecting the ones she loves… and let’s face it, she loves me. We arrived to the Comcast Arena and went to find our seats. Maile had said we had pretty good seats, so I was expecting that to mean we would most likely be able to see the stage from where we were. As we walked down the steps to the THIRD ROW I was shocked. We both sat with giddy smiles on our faces talking about our good friends Carrie, George and Reba. The opening band was Sons of Sylvia. Their pants were tight and the music was good. They were a mix of blue grass and rock. They aren’t normally a group I would listen to, but they were extremely talented nonetheless. Next came Craig Morgan, who is now one of my favorite artists of all time. If the concert had ended after him, I would have been satisfied. “Redneck Yacht Club” and “That’s What I Love About Sundays” were my two top favorite. You could tell that he loved performing and he had the ladies attention from 18 to 80 in the audience. Not too hard on the eyes and very easy for the heart. After Craig performed it was Carrie time. The stage canvases that were separating the front stage to the back dropped and it was show time. There were dozens of outfits, props and special effects, but nothing compared to that voice. Some of the songs she sang actually sounded better live than on the radio, which is a hard thing to do I feel, obviously, I can’t speak first hand.

So Maile, thank you for one of the best presents I have ever received. What a wonderful friend I have in you!


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