Hope Floats

Hope floats… and no, I’m not talking about the Harry Connick Jr kind… I’m talking about God-given, warm your heart, and sometimes terrifying kind of hope. The kind that pulls you out of trenches and at times so afraid you just might throw up. Hope has been on my mind a lot lately… what is it really, where does it come from and do I dare have it when times are desperate? The reason I think hope really does float is because I have noticed when times have been the most dismal, hope always manages to emerge from the rubble. I have no idea how this happens, but when all signs point nowhere that always means God is up to something. Lately, I’ve been feeling a new freedom to hope. Growing up, to hope for something meant to gamble. I could hope for a new shirt for my birthday but there would be that chance of disappointment. But I would just hope anyways. As I’ve gotten older though and as the disappointments have mounted and become increasingly heart breaking hope has become a bit scary. I have always known hope comes from God, so I used to think “Well… what if that means it doesn’t happen? Does that mean that God isn’t there? Is He mad at me? Do I deserve happiness” These questions have often prevented me from hoping because I was afraid of what the answer to those questions might be. These past few years I have gotten in a funk of “Oh I really hope this happens… uh oh, I mean, I will expect that it won’t happen, then if it doesn’t I will be surprised!” Well… I have come to realize that this is the wrong way of thinking. This suggests that life is kind of by chance, when the truth is God’s got this. He has it all under control and so long as we have our hope in Him, everything will be just fine. Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be disappointment, tears and let’s face it, utter confusion. But I’m countlessly reminded God is good and disappointment is temporary. Heartbreak is temporary. Steve (my pastor at Blue Sky) said this past Sunday that it’s okay to hope for something to happen and even if it doesn’t God is still good. What a relief. So, I’d like to raise my glass to hope. Hope for good things for you and me and above all hope in God’s promise. I hope for a long life for my dad, I hope for a Godly husband, I hope for kids someday, I hope, I hope, I hope.


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  1. char

    great blog! uplifting….encouraging….relatable…..and a blessing!

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