Domestic Much?

The other day, one of my y chromosomed friends remarked, “I feel like every woman at Blue Sky knits, crochets or sews.” Some of my friends were quick to respond that they were not one of those girls. My response to this is, so what if you are? When did being domestic become a bad thing? I will admit, at first I was like some of you… Thinking it was some sort of desperate attempt to get a husband or an outlet to relieve some sort of awkward energy. And of course like everything, I am sure some people out there do it for those very reasons. However, this is not the rule. Today, I set the record straight on all things domestic. I think crocheting and the like are often mistakenly associated with meek and mild-mannered maiden folk. Crocheting, sewing, etc is a skill, plain and simple. It’s just like cooking or remodeling cars. There are the basics, but as you go you increase your ability, you are able to embark on harder projects to refine your talent. I am certain having these skills doesn’t diminish my identity as a strong, confident and educated woman of God. Instead of just watching a movie for three hours, I can crochet, watch a movie and by the time the credits roll, have a hat to show for it. I don’t plan on making a living out of this, but even if I did, what’s it to you? 🙂



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2 responses to “Domestic Much?

  1. Exactly, crocheting and sewing are skills we gain – and hobbies that some of us happen to enjoy. Just because they’ve (wrongly) gained a certain stigma through the years doesn’t mean they have no purpose or reflect negatively on the person who enjoys them.

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