Me… Organic?

I love bacon. No, but really I do. The chewy, sweet savory combination is enough to make me smile and give my “mm hmm-amen” nod my head as I type. My work  serves up some of the best bacon I’ve ever had- thick greasy cuts with usually a bit of a crisp at the ends. I started treating myself to bacon about two or three times a week, but then it became a full-blown addiction with two strips every day. It wasn’t long before I noticed my face break out and my apricot face wash was no match against these pork predators. I decided to stop cold pig, to see if it would make any difference. Within days, my face was back to its normal self and my apricot face wash was able to exfoliate with little pushback.  Well, the temptation started to become too great, so I decided to try just one teeny tiny piece of bacon… the results were almost instant and the mistake was marked all over my face. A few days later, I was at Portage Bay Café and decided to get the Greek Omelet, which had cheese, bacon and spinach. The omelet was packed with peppered bacon and I was excited, yet saddened to know my skin would have to be the one to ultimately suffer the consequences. I ate the omelet with great ease, surprised at the lack of lethargy that followed. The next morning I woke up and noticed my face didn’t break out… what was this? Not even one of those quasi pimples? I went again to the café and ordered another dish with bacon (all for the sake of research of course) and it produced the same results or shall I say lack of. The most probable hypothesis I could come up with was that one was organic and the other was not… you can guess which is which. So this has all gotten me thinking about how real this whole organic business is. Should we be taking it more seriously? How does one even begin? Well, I have poked around and found a great start to this journey. Now I know it will be slow… and I probably won’t ever be all organic, but I can take organic baby spinach steps by shopping at places like Whole Foods and Trader Joes. And let’s be honest, sometimes you can’t even tell a difference and a little preservatives tastes good now and then. So we shall see… If you’d like to join me on this organic path, I welcome all friends. I am hoping to track my progress on here, but we know how that goes… So the next time you see me, feel free to ask me how the organic thing is going, it will give me some accountability and let me know you’re reading my blog which will make me like you even more.


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  1. Mom

    Hi again dear.
    Did you try your Dad’s bacon? It’s “organic”,
    without nitrates, lower salt, etc, and tastes
    good. We get it at Fred Meyer Organic section
    and Trader Joes.
    This is just your Motherly advise for the day!

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