Summa, summa, summa…

This weekend was one of the best I’ve ever had.

Friday night: “A Night of Worship and Prayer” at Blue Sky, the church I go to. I was feeling pretty exhausted and to be honest, didn’t really want to go. I picked up my friend Pei Sian and complained to her the entire way there saying how exhausted I was and that I didn’t want to go. I make a great travel companion. We got there and I was still pretty grumpy. Once Steve started praying though, I knew it was time for me to shut my mouth and be still. We prayed for the church, the leaders and that God would continue to do His will at Blue Sky. There is something about praying together as the church that makes you feel so small yet a part of something so big. We then worshipped and I think I am finally learning what it means to worship God and it’s just how it sounds, plain and simple. You are worshipping God and giving Him the praise He deserves. It’s not about how you’re feeling, or what you get out of it… and as selfish as this may sound, it’s hard to really do something when it isn’t for you. I left Blue Sky feeling very excited for what God’s going to do and so thankful for Blue Sky and the leaders we have. It’s the real deal at Blue Sky, and it’s so awesome. That night a very large crew of us went to Red Robin and ate some late night burgers. Oh and side note. I LOVE riding in cars with girls. There is something wonderful about having the sunroof open with a warm breeze and some wild car dancing that makes everything okay. Jess, you are my constant car companion and I love it.

Saturday: I have been secretly working on a blanket for Melanie’s birthday and Saturday was go time before the party on Sunday. I spent most of the day crocheting like a mad woman alternating between the blanket and whipping up some pot holders for Brandon and Luke. Saturday evening I went to Jess’s Spring Mixer/ 1,2,3 Duck event. It was such an awesome cause (raising money to buy ducks for poverty-stricken families in third world countries) and if you ever go to a party at the Chan’s, you KNOW there will be good food. On the menu: marinated chicken wings, homemade meatballs, cucumber sushi rolls, 7 layer dip with homemade guacamole, cookies, veggies, apples with this cream cheese caramel dip, pizza rolls, pot stickers, bruschetta with various toppings, banana bread, brownie bites with frosting, potato chips with French onion dip… I mean, it was insanity! Great job hosting Chan family! When most everyone had left, there were a handful of us left and it turned into an awkward dance party. Danny, Brian and Fred’s interpretive dances of driving a car brought tears to my eyes from laughter. It felt so good to laugh so hard… must make more time for that.

Sunday: Church and Ern did a great job of teaching out of the Bible with learning how to trust God… something I could listen to for two weeks straight and still waiver on. Sunday afternoon was Melanie and Jon’s joint birthday party at Golden Gardens. It was expected to rain, but God really came through and it was gorgeous all day. Mel really liked the blanket which was a relief. If she didn’t, I’m not sure how we could still be friends. It felt so good to sit on the beach and listen to the water while the smell of bonfire wafted through the air. It brought me back to every single summer from my past. There is something about familiar smells that bring you to something constant in your life. Does that make sense? When I sat at that fire Sunday night, I had that same feeling when I was 8 sitting at the fire pit at my grandma’s house in my neon pink and green bathing suit drying lake water off my grass-covered feet. As we all sat on the beach watching the sunset I suddenly became very sad knowing that the wonderful weekend was over and Monday was banging down my door. But at the risk of sounding cliché, all good things must come to an end. After the sun went down, I expressed my sadness to the rest of the group and Brian stared at me with his classic “Oh Jess” look and said, “it’s okay, the sun will come back tomorrow.” Despite the fact this wasn’t said with the deepest sincerity, it’s very true. So here’s to a great weekend and I am so excited that this is just the beginning of long sunny days and bonfire filled nights… I may even break out the neon green and pink swimsuit.


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