Desert Island My Way

Perhaps it’s my desire to be secluded away from life for a couple of days (let’s face it, any longer and I would go crazy) but I often think of life on a desert island. If I were trapped, what I would bring, what would I eat, where I would sleep and how I would escape. I have decided to divide it up into categories… So here is the breakdown: The first thing you would do: I would cry and probably for a very long time. After the waterworks ended though, I would pick myself up, wash my face and carry on. I normally just cry once in a bad situation and then move on, but that initial cry is unavoidable. Movie: While You Were Sleeping- Let’s be honest, I could act this movie out word for word with accurate tones and gestures, but there is something about this movie that makes me very happy and at peace. The romantic sap in me sees hope for happiness in a dismal yet comedic situation. Food: Nachos! Now, I’m not sure if this is cheating… wait a second, this is MY desert island, so it’s fine. But I would eat nachos with shredded chicken and all the fixings including guacamole and sour cream. That way, if I ever get sick of nachos in general (which seems unlikely, but I suppose anything is possible) then I could divide the ingredients and make a whole new dish! If food wasn’t provided, I will try and avoid killing animals with my bare hands at all costs. Book: Bible for obvious reasons. I need all of the encouragement, help, and faith I can get nowadays… so I can’t imagine what my mental state would be on the island. CD: Melanie burned me this worship mix and it’s pretty phenomenal, so I would bring that. I think any rap would scare me, ballads would depress me and jazz would bore me. Anything else? Yes, I would bring a journal and a pen… one of those bic pens that cost a penny but last you for years. I would write down memories I had of the past both good and bad. Even on the island I don’t think it would be healthy to idolize the past. I would also journal things that are going on present day like a nice ape I met or an excellent coconut nacho recipe I discovered. How I would escape: To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I would try to escape given my poor swimming skills. I think I would be content where I was and be prayerful until someone came to rescue me. Where I would sleep: I’ve already made it up in my mind that I would build a hammock of sorts. I think with my card making and crafting skills I would be able to put one together that Crate and Barrel would marvel. There you have it… if you ever wondered what goes on in my head, that’s just one facet. So enough about me… what about you?


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