Speaking of food.

I’m sure it isn’t a secret by now, but I love food. I love all kinds and there isn’t much I don’t like. Actually, I can list them out for you now.

–          Raisins. You don’t have to be around me very long for me to know I hate raisins. No exceptions. If forced, I will eat them. Just know, if I ever eat them for you, it means I really like you.

–          I don’t like those little seeds in Italian sausage… anise I believe they are called. To go along with this, I also really don’t like black licorice.

–          Bleu Cheese… sorry mom.

–          The hard yolk in eggs makes me pretty queasy… If I eat a fried egg, I like them over medium… any harder than that, then I will leave the yolk… I have developed a real talent for eating ALL of the white around the yolk.

Welp, that’s it… after that, anything goes. There are certain foods I love… here are my top six.

–          I LOVE fries. I will eat them hot or cold and I will eat them at any time of the day.

–          I LOVE cherries. They are the perfect consistency, perfect chewiness, and perfect sweetness… in my humble opinion.

–          I LOVE Bulgolgi. I could eat that every day and the smell of it makes me nostalgic for a time I really can’t recall.

–          I LOVE nachos… well, I actually love all Mexican, but nachos are my go to snack, meal, pick me up.

–          I LOVE vanilla icecream. It breaks my heart that I can no longer eat it due to my stupid lactose intolerance. But, I am still giving it a shout out.

–          And last, but certainly not least, I LOVE CHEEEEESE! Tillamook Medium Cheddar to be exact. It goes great on anything, you can eat it straight off the block or melt it on oh I don’t know… nachos?

Oh and I love cream cheese too…  As much as I love all of this food, I have noticed the pants have become tighter and the breathing a bit heavier when I go up the stairs. So, with that said, it’s time to start eating healthier and living better. So here is my attempt at some sort of accountability. Bacon, you’re out. Tofu, welcome.



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4 responses to “Speaking of food.

  1. It’s fennel seeds in the Italian sausage…and it’s fabulous! You’re nuts.

    …And I bet I could get you to love raisins… 😉

  2. jessspence

    Jen, that’s right! It is fennel seeds… boo…

    If you could get me to love raisins, you might win a medal. There have been past attempts with no success 🙂

  3. This sounds like a challenge… 😉

  4. Oh, and one more thing…I’m completely opposite of you on the yolk front. Can’t do anything that resembles a soft yolk…bleh!

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