Breakfast Club

When I was younger, I hated breakfast. The thought of being half asleep while shoving something down my groggy throat was enough to make me dry heave. My mom used to work the night shift so my dad’s breakfasts were what some might call… creative. I don’t blame the man at all, feeding four children before 7 am was quite the task, especially when one of those kids was me. My dad would feed us what I would call a Bachelor’s breakfast. Wheaties with coolwhip or raw hot dogs were often popular menu items. One day it dawned on me that I could hide the hotdog in my lunch pail until I got to school and then throw it away. Genius… well, so I thought. I gladly grabbed the slippery frank and held it in my  hand for as long as I thought it would take me to eat counting the seconds in my head. After about 30 seconds I slipped it in my lunch pail and joined the ranks of my siblings out the door to catch the bus acting just a little bit more jovial laughing randomly to not draw attention to myself. My dad saw me and said “Jessica… where is your hotdog?” “Oh… I ate it already?” He had that look on his face and accusingly said “open your lunch pail.” Blast. I shamefully opened my lunch pale and there it was… pitifully laying lifeless next to my Hi-C was my hotdog. With my head a little bit lower that day I went to school with hotdog in my stomach and shame in my heart. Stupid breakfast.

Well, I’m not sure what happened between then and now, but I can tell you that breakfast is without doubt my favorite meal of the day. Now, I’m not one of those strawberry french toast or choc chip pancakes kind of people. Thanks to my hotdog upbringing I now don’t consider it breakfast unless there is bacon, sausage or some type of salty poultry joyfully dancing on my plate. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a breakfast casserole or chicken fried steak. The other night we had some friends over and I was thinking to myself wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to eat breakfast with friends like once a month? Well, thanks to facebook, the Breakfast Club was born at 1 am last Thursday evening. I was hopeful that people would join and I’m happy to report it looks like I’m not the only one who likes breakfast!  So starting the second week of June, the Breakfast Club will be meeting the second Saturday of every month. I. can’t. wait. So if you have any breakfast recomendations around Seattle or Bellevue, drop a little comment… Order up!



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4 responses to “Breakfast Club

  1. Mom

    Are you sure about the coolwhip?
    I guess I should have set up your breakfast
    before I left.
    Have fun at your breakfast club! You might
    check out Voulas or Costas for their Greek
    sausage and eggs. Enjoy! Less nitrates than
    the old hotdogs.

  2. jessspence

    Haha, yes mom, I’m sure. We were out of milk so I opted for no coolwhip, but Hank had it.
    Less nitrates is always good 🙂

  3. Maria

    Loved the hot dog story : ) That was laugh out loud funny. I thought my having free rein to dispense sugar into my cereal (until it was more sugar than cereal) was the high point of bad kid breakfasts. Your hot dog and guilt tops that by far.

    I enjoy reading your blog. You have a great way with words. Thanks for sharing your stories!

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