Sad, sad day…

Today is a very boring day. SO boring in fact, I have decided to blow the dust off this old blog and  get it moving again. You may ask why today is SO boring. Well, today, facebook was taken away from my work. That’s right, a small blue and white piece of me has been taken away from the hours of 8:00-4:30.  You don’t know how reliant you are on something until it’s taken away. Now when I type, instead of a wonderful feed of happenings from my not-so-close friends, I am given a harsh screen saying my access has been denied. Epic fail. The first day is always the hardest… right? So now that facebook has been indefinitely taken away, I am sure I’ll be on here more often for my countless fans who faithfully read. My loss is your gain.

Plans tonight: Going to the Seymour Casa for some dinner and chewing the fat (metaphorically of course) about Blue Sky’ness. On the menu tonight? I have heard mentionings of peanut chicken and I am throwing together a little salad to go with.  Heather is quite the chefita, so I am sure whatever it will be, it will be delicious. At some point this evening, my room mate Anna and I will be working out. I use the term work out quite loosely… on my end, not hers. We have ventured to the land of exercise balls and I am still learning how to peacefully co-exist with mine. They make it look so easy with their abnormal dark tans and scenic oceanic backgrounds. The instructor looks so peacefull doing a backstroke with the ball supporting her lower back, while I look like a baby turtle turned on its shell nearing death.  While the experience is a bit humiliating, the company is good and laughs are a guarantee.

Well, see you tomorrow. Perhaps I shall start a series of people in my life. A person a day? Perfect, I’ll do it!… Tomorrrow!


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  1. Long lost blogger! Thanks for coming over tonight 🙂

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