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One of the best articles I’ve read in a long time


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Without Facebook…

As many of you have read, in recent events, facebook was taken away from my workplace and honestly, I thought nothing good would come out of it. Being more of a “silver lining” sort of person (thank you, Laura Chery) I have decided to come up with a list of good things that have come out of no facebook at work. Here’s what I’ve got so far: 

–          Without facebook, I have become much more proactive. When I have free time, my mind used to be programmed to think, facebook, facebook, facebook! Now it’s, I guess I could get an early start on my July follow ups… or maybe I should retry calling that family one more time.

–          Without facebook, I have been able to dedicate more time to blogging, which has been nice and a tremendous improvement to society.

–          Without facebook, I keep more updated on current events, when I have breaks and such. Did you know that the UW President just took the job as President of the NCAA? His salary will now be over a million dollars yearly, which I suppose isn’t too much of a discrepancy from his current salary of just under a million.

–          Without facebook, my type A, obsessive compulsiveness and desire to be in the know has been tremendously decreased, which let’s face it is good for you and for me.

So that’s all I have for now. Don’t get me wrong, I still really miss facebook, and it’s not like this list is has been life changing for me or anything. But I suppose, I guess, well maybe you could say that the banishing of all things facebook hasn’t been as devastating as I had originally imagined. Oh-blah-dee, Oh-blah-dah, life goes on…

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Shout out to my tamales

Trader Joe’s has done it again. My lunches have been especially delicious these past two days and I must share the good news. I bought the Trader Joe’s frozen chicken tamales and they are by far the best tamales I’ve ever eaten. Granted, my culinary experience for these corn husk wonders only extends about as far as Rosarita’s Frozen Mexican Food, so I don’t have any real authority on this matter. But I know what tastes good, and these are awesome. If you have time today, go out and buy some. I can guarantee you won’t regret it. Just to warn you, they come in packs of two, so you’ll want to buy a few packages. If you don’t like them, I can’t give a refund, but I will gladly take any unwanted tamales. So this is just a little shout out to my tamales, you are delicious and we’ll be eating together real soon.


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Go shorty, it’s my birthday

I am approaching the end of my 25th year and it’s somewhat hard for me to believe. As my mother would say, when did this happen? To be completely honest, this is not how I pictured my life. If I had control over my life, this is what it would have looked like: Hi, I’m Jessica (insert married name here). I’ve been married for about four years now and teach at my alma mater North Tapps Middle School. I married my high school sweetheart and he and I live in Sumner in a little 3 bedroom one level house that’s very close to my parents. My life is very routine and that’s how I like it. Now that I’m turning 26, I think it’s probably time to start thinking about having kids. We of course have the money for it, since my husband and I have been saving for kids since the day we got married. I can see my life straight out in front of me and this is fine with me… complete control with no surprises. I go to church on Sundays, give my monthly tithe to the church and will volunteer for the bake sale every year. Life is just the way it should be.

End scene.

Sounds nice, right? Well, since I don’t have control over my life, so let me break it down for you:

Hello, it’s just me. Jessica Jee Spencer. I’m single and live in Seattle with two roommates just off of Aurora… that’s right, Aurora. I was about to go to grad school to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher, but felt like God told me to give it up and I still don’t have a concrete reason of why I was supposed to. I’m not married and I know I’m supposed to wait and still don’t have a concrete reason of why I’m supposed to. I’m not sure what will happen today, and I have no idea what my future looks like. I don’t know much, but I am confident in this. God is good and I’ll do whatever He wants.

To be continued…

Welp, that’s me for now. If I’m completely honest, there are many days where I long for the control, for that safety of knowing what’s around the corner… and if I’m really REALLY honest, there are days when I try and take that control back, but we all know how that ends. So I suppose for now I’m just walking. I’m walking with God hand in hand, sometimes gripping on for dear life, but most of the time going at a nice and slow pace. I guess you could say life is just the way it should be.


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Meet My Friend, Melanie Baker

As I typed this blog title, I couldn’t help but smile. Melanie has become one of my best friends in the last year. To confess, it didn’t quite start out that way. I was at Heather’s apartment and while we were eating, I could hear Melanie from the dining area (her voice can really carry. She’ll tell you it’s because she teaches.). Melanie and Heather were roommates at the time and I had met her previously at the 4th of July fireworks show. Without giving away too many details, I overheard that she was hanging out with some people who I REALLY wanted to hang out with. So I desperately, yet very casually tried to invite myself and to be honest, I didn’t have to try very hard. Melanie was very inviting and asked if I’d like to come along. I’m pretty sure my response was something along the lines of sure, whatever, while inside I was thinking LET’S GO NOW! And frankly, that’s how our friendship began. I used Melanie to become closer with another person plain and simple. If I hadn’t, I am sure we would still be friends, but like most things in our friendship, there’s always an interesting story behind it. Nothing is ever normal with her and I, which I like. She is a friend who I know I can be completely honest with and say whatever is on my mind in whatever way I choose. I never have to censor myself when I’m around her or put things delicately… although neither one of us is particularly tough skinned. Actually, Mel is without a single doubt the most compassionate person I have ever met. Mention any sort of pain, from human trafficking to watching a documentary on Dietrich Bonhoeffer and you are guaranteed tears. God has given her a heart for others that will undoubtedly produce a global sort of change. This might sound odd, but something I love to do is watch Melanie talk with strangers. Weird, right? Well, she makes people feel very at ease no matter their background whether they are a Harvard graduate or a Korean student who has been in the US for a month. She always is hungering to know more about everything and it inspires me… Whenever I am up for an adventure (which I must confess, is not that often) I know that she’ll be on board. She challenges me to do more with my life, which I sometimes don’t like, but always need. I have seen Melanie come to my defense numerous times and I would do the same for her. Melaroo, I am a different person because of you… I love you and I can’t wait for our adventures that lie ahead. First stop Conversational Mandarin, next stop Korean Weddings?

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Meet My Friend, Emily Cate

(Em, please don’t hate me)

My first Meet My Friend is about Ms Emily Cate. Em and I met about two years ago on the fourth of July at Sam’s house. I always think it’s so crazy when you meet someone, you don’t realize the permanent ramifications they will have on your life. Some people I will know instantly whether or not we will be friends, but for others, their friendship comes as a wonderful surprise. Em’s friendship has been a wonderful surprise.  One of the many things I love about Em is that we are so different. She has a very quiet soul and sometimes my golden retreiver like spirit doesn’t quite know how to handle it. She has taught me so much about what it means to just be still. I know that she’s got my back with whatever I go through in life.  Her loyalty and faithfulness is something that’s rare and wonderful. People like me need people like Em, and I am so grateful that God put her in my life. Em, if you’re reading this (You  better be! You’re one of my 5 readers :)) I love ya, and I am thankful for your you’ness in my life.

Emily is on the right, Christina in the middle, and me on the left

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Sad, sad day…

Today is a very boring day. SO boring in fact, I have decided to blow the dust off this old blog and  get it moving again. You may ask why today is SO boring. Well, today, facebook was taken away from my work. That’s right, a small blue and white piece of me has been taken away from the hours of 8:00-4:30.  You don’t know how reliant you are on something until it’s taken away. Now when I type, instead of a wonderful feed of happenings from my not-so-close friends, I am given a harsh screen saying my access has been denied. Epic fail. The first day is always the hardest… right? So now that facebook has been indefinitely taken away, I am sure I’ll be on here more often for my countless fans who faithfully read. My loss is your gain.

Plans tonight: Going to the Seymour Casa for some dinner and chewing the fat (metaphorically of course) about Blue Sky’ness. On the menu tonight? I have heard mentionings of peanut chicken and I am throwing together a little salad to go with.  Heather is quite the chefita, so I am sure whatever it will be, it will be delicious. At some point this evening, my room mate Anna and I will be working out. I use the term work out quite loosely… on my end, not hers. We have ventured to the land of exercise balls and I am still learning how to peacefully co-exist with mine. They make it look so easy with their abnormal dark tans and scenic oceanic backgrounds. The instructor looks so peacefull doing a backstroke with the ball supporting her lower back, while I look like a baby turtle turned on its shell nearing death.  While the experience is a bit humiliating, the company is good and laughs are a guarantee.

Well, see you tomorrow. Perhaps I shall start a series of people in my life. A person a day? Perfect, I’ll do it!… Tomorrrow!

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