Spencer Press

Are you writing a paper and feeling a bit lost? Need someone to run over it with a fine tooth comb? Do you struggle with differentiating between your and you’re? The worries stop here! At Spencer Press we are offering our services as a grad school/ undergrad/ high school paper editor. We will edit your paper and provide ample feedback to give you a jumpstart on making the paper all it can be. The cost of our services are minimal if you take in consideration the confidence and knowledge you will gain. Up against a deadline? No problem! Just make it a rush order and pay a small additional fee.

Cost of services:
– First timers: $10.00 flat fee and one double tall americano to really get your paper on the right track. Each page is $5.00. Tell them Jessica sent you and I will knock fifty cents off the price of your first page.

-Return Customers: $10.00 fee is waived, so you just pay $5.00 a page. I swear folks, I’m not even making money on a deal this good!

– Rush Order: Less than 24 hours until due date will be $10/page. It’s your education we’re talking about here, I wouldn’t take it lightly… would you?

This is Jessica here, founder of Spencer Press, and I promise if your grade doesn’t go up at least 5%, I’ll give you your money back no quetsions asked! (Policy subject to change)

Please utilize the friend reference form and recieve one page FREE on your next paper! (Form will be available 01/01/2013)


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  1. Can I send my students to you too?

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