O Brother, where art thou?

Not too long ago, I was talking with a friend and casually mentioned my brother Hank for a reason I cannot recall. A look of confusion came over him and he said, “I didn’t know you had a brother. I’ve never heard you talk about them” Well, actually, I have two. I thought perhaps it was just with him that I hadn’t mentioned that I had two brothers, but as I would casually yet very intentionally throw in something about Chris or Hank, that same look of confusion would run across their face and with more or less the same response of “I didn’t know you had a brother” (actually, I have two) would come out. So today, I am here to set the record straight. I have not one, but two, that’s right, two older brothers Chris and Hank.

Hank (also known as: Bruce, Brucey, Hankers, Hankaroo, Mr Hank Pants… he loves it when I call him any of these… right.): Hank is the younger of my two older brothers. Without Hank, I would not be here. No joke. My parents had originally intended to just adopt Hank from Seoul, South Korea but I wouldn’t have any of it. My parents got a call from the adoption agency WACAP saying they have this little girl and she’s the only one who can make him laugh. And I suppose you could say the rest is history. We went through school together and for kindergarten and first grade were even in the same classroom. People always say “Oh, you guys must be super close then.” I wish we were closer. We have the very typical hair yanking, poking to death sort of sibling relationship. When my mother would tell him to hug me to apologize at times I thought my ribs would crack from his “embrace.” He works at Costco in Puyallup and bakes chocolate chip cookies that will blow your mind. I don’t think you will ever meet a harder worker or someone more genuine than Hankers. We have mellowed out to be good friends, and to this day I can still make him laugh to the point of tears… this makes me very happy.

Chris (no nickname): Chris was my first friend when I came home. He was the first one to make me laugh and a true big brother. He always looked out for me and affectionately called me amigo. The name stuck for years until the movie City Slickers came out and I was more appropriately renamed Norman after the slow calf that seemed to always lag behind the rest of the group. In writing this sounds a bit mean, but if you knew Chris and if you’ve seen the movie, you would understand. Chris is by far one of the most intelligent people I have ever known. His musical talent alone separates him from the norm. Name the instrument and he has either played it or at the very least studied it extensively. He is now married to Holly and I don’t think on my very best day, I could have picked a better fit for him.  Together, they have really stepped up in taking care of our family, especially my parents so for that I am especially grateful.

I love both of my brothers very much and honestly would be a very different blogger if it weren’t for them. So there you have it. proof that my brothers exist. And just in case my gushy post isn’t enough for you, I even have photographic evidence to back up my story.

Chris, Hank, Me



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4 responses to “O Brother, where art thou?

  1. Most excellent! But why is Hank nicknamed Bruce?

  2. Kimaroo

    I love this. I did know that you had two brothers, but never knew them like this 🙂 Great post.

  3. Sooo cute! (Referring to the picture) Sooo sweet! (Referring to the story).

  4. Peilai

    So Hank is doing the Gene Simmon’s gag from KISS, I am doing some messed up version of “Little Teapot” and you got that Lady Gaga Eastside Tude. What happened to Andi? Is she still stuck in the sleeping bag? This is from Sequim State Park in the late 80s or early 90s.

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