Clogged thoughts…

So it has now been 2010 for 11 days and I feel like so much has already happened- some incredible and some no so incredible. Let me share a not so incredible moment but one that I will never forget… as hard as I may try. On Sunday, we were celebrating my dear friend Yuna’s birthday at a Malaysian restaurant in Bellevue and there were oh I don’t know, about 15 of us there. I was sitting next to Jess and Julie showing them my new jeans that I hemmed and was pretty ecstatic about it. Marshall overheard me talking about how I hemmed them using a sewing machine and said he needed some things sewn. I told him he could learn how to use a sewing machine, and he sarcastically expressed that it was a woman’s job. (sidenote: if you want to get me fired up, tell me it’s a woman’s job) Marshall, sensing my hostility, went on to explain that women are born with innate traits like sewing and cooking, while men have skills like fixing things and plumbing. I meant to say that I could un-clog a toilet like it’s nobody’s business. Instead, I shouted, I CAN CLOG A TOILET LIKE IT’S NOBODY’S BUSINESS! I internally shrieked with mortification. The look on Marshall’s face was a mixture of confusion and horror. Julie instantly burst into laughter, and then I started to laugh uncontrollably with tears rolling down my red face. By the time I was able to regain composure it was too late to attempt any sort of recovery. Some people thought I had said I could fog a toilet like it’s nobody’s business. I don’t even know what it means to fog a toilet, but it sounds neither pleasant nor attractive. This is by far the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me in 2010 and quite possibly one of the most embarrassing things I have said ever. As embarrassing as this was, it has provided me with random bursts of laughter throughout the day, so for that I am thankful.

So there you have it. My most embarrassing moment of 2010 and the year has just begun. Great.


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