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A look back on 2009

1.)    In 2009, I started to do the kid’s program at Blue Sky and without doubt, this has been one of the highlights of the year. I love those kids and have learned so much about God and myself. When Catherine grabs my hand to hold, I am immediately reminded of how much God loves his children.

2.)    This year our small group multiplied out of Sam’s group and I was very nervous about the outcome. Would people come? Would it be as fun? Will it be all girls and Mark? Yes, people have come, yes, it’s been fun, and it is indeed all girls with the exception of Mark and Brian. It’s funny how I always worry that God is going to forget the details. An elephant never forgets, and God created elephants.  

3.)     I can now say that I have been a vegetarian and survived! At the end of the day, I love meat and will never do it again, health willing. Poultry aside, I was a bit shocked with the lovin’ I received from so many friends including one friend in particular who made a facebook support group on my behalf. I’ve never loved my friends or bacon more than in the month of September.

4.)     It was a very exciting year in sports for me. I went to my very first Sounders game (epic, see previous blog) and witnessed Ken Griffey hit his 300th homerun with the Mariners. I went to six Mariners games this year which is more than all previous years combined. There is something about booing or cheering with thousands of people who all have garlic fry breath that make you feel like you are part of something bigger… especially if that something bigger is a grand slam hit by Ichiro with a full count and bases loaded(I witnessed this too).

5.)    I went to my very first church conference at Vine Church in Carbondale, IL. It was there where God told me to let go of grad school and just follow Him. It’s been harder than I imagined, but at the end of the day, God is good.

6.)     When I first started going to Blue Sky, I always told myself I would never move in with the church folk… well, here I am living with Blue Sky people and I absolutely love it.

7.)    In late January, my dad was admitted to the hospital for having multiple minor strokes. It’s been very hard on my family’s heart to watch him change throughout the year. However, my mother always said in times of trouble, that’s when you need to look around and see who is still there. There certainly aren’t as many that were at his 60th birthday party, but the few that are there are invaluable to our family.  A special shout out to Char Price. Char, I don’t think you will ever know how valuable your friendship is to my mom. I am so thankful for you and the kindred friendship you offer her.

8.)    This is a recent memory… well, it’s more of a happening I suppose you could say. I am currently reading “Passion and Purity” by Elisabeth Elliot and this book has changed my life. It’s changed the way I see love, discipline, following and of course God. Who knew a white elephant gift would change my life?

All in all, a very hard but good year. I feel I need to constantly thank God for everything He has done in my life and for what He’s doing everywhere.

My whole life is yours, I give it all, surrendered to your name and forever I will pray, Lord have your way, have your way.


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Merry Christmas!

My top eight slightly random thoughts about Christmas-

8.) I have been to more Chirstmas parties this year than I think I have total for the past five years.  When I clean things out or throw them away,  I now think wait… should I save this for a white elephant gift exchange I might go to? Sad.

7.) I did all of my Christmas shopping on-line and will do it every Christmas from here on out. People told me it takes away from the holiday spirit, but on the contrary, I wasn’t bogged down with the stress of holiday shopping and having to fight tooth and nail with the old ladies in U Village for the last disabled parking spot. This year I was able to just relax.  

6.) When I was about 8, all I wanted for Christmas was a bean bag chair. My parents told me this would not be happening because of their futility and they were a waste of space.  * Christmas morning* On my way to the bathroom I was about to open the door when in the corner of my eye, I saw something rather large… Frozen in sheer delight I saw a bright blue bean bag chair with a perfect big red bow. To this day, that is still one of the highlights of my life. There is something special about really wanting something, thinking you will never have it, and then getting it.  

5.) Isn’t it amazing how much can change in a year? Thinking about the things God has done in me this past year blows me away.  I am very thankful for Blue Sky, especially for the friendships that have developed there.  Melanie, Emily, Christina, Anna, Lonna, Julie, Yuna, April, Jess, Fred, Gong… the list goes on and on. I am blessed by each of them. And of course I’m thankful for my bosom buddy Heather and her hubby Mark. She has seen me through my bizarre days and has loved me anyways.

4.) Snow would be okay…

3.) I am a very meticulous present wrapper. I get abnormally excited when I buy presents that come in a box so I can make the perfect fold. I spend a lot of time making sure the bow is just right and all of the angles are all at the same degree. It doesn’t bother me one bit that my handy work is admired for about 5 seconds and then clawed to shreds by Hank. Not one bit.

2.) I am at work on Christmas eve and normally I would be bah humbugging and boo hoo’ing, but it’s different this year. I work in the hematology/oncology clinic and have come to realize working on Christmas eve is something I should be thankful for, not something to gripe and moan about. Josh (name changed) is one of the patients I coordinate for and he’s 20 months and has Histiocytosis (a tumor form of cancer). He is from Alaska and has been at our hospital since he was four months. Four months. In the past 16 months, his transplant has failed and he has already relapsed. Josh’s father is still in Alaska and mom and Josh will be spending Christmas at the Ronald McDonald House. Jiselle is another one of our patients who has relapsed twice from leukemia and is not expected to make it through the new year. She is 18. Her story breaks my heart the most. It’s not fair that her prognosis is fatal and that her last Christmas will be the first of her adult life. The stories go on and on.  After talking with these moms and dads and blowing kisses to these kiddos, it’s impossible to be upset about working here on Christmas eve.  I can’t help but feel immensley grateful that I get to go home and embrace my my mom, my dad, Hank and Andrea (Chris and Holly are in Connecticut). I get to go to the candle light service and worship God and thank Him for everything. I get to live.

1.) For the first time ever, the number one reason I am excited about Christmas is knowing that we are celebrating Christ’s birth. It’s because of Him, I am free.

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A Lotty Love

A while back Anna purchased an axolotl for her classroom. When she told me she was buying one, I instantly  googled it and was terrified to find this straight out of Monster’s Inc little creature. I was nervous to meet the little one, but soon grew quite an attachment. Her classroom named her Mudkip, but around the house we lovingly call her Lotty. She is no longer the monstrous prehistoric lizard I once saw… but she has grown into my adorable clumsy friend. For the past couple of days, Lotty and I have had meals together and we are able to just sit in comfortable silence while she floats around the tank and I eat my grilled cheese. She has been a wonderful dining companion and I will dearly miss her when she goes back to the classroom.

Isn't she cute?

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Be sure to tune in on Monday 12/21 for the finale of Sing-Off. I am routing for Nota in case you were curious! I have a new respect for acapella after watching this show.

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Hello friends- I wanted to let you know that effective immediately, this blog will look much different. As you have probably noticed, I don’t blog too frequently… That’s because I feel that every one of my blogs has to be epic. No more. I will post whatever comes to me… That is all… I am ending this post. That’s right. It’s over. No moral of the story, no catchy and witty tagline… I am just ending it.

That just happened.

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