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The Halfway Point

August 22nd started out as any other day for me. A certain excitement floated around me throughout the day because I had made plans to see the Bobs (an acapella group) with some friends at the Triple Door. I borrowed Melanie’s green dress, not knowing the significance that color would have for the month of September. Before the show started, we all ordered some food and I almost lost my appetite looking at some the prices. Nearly reaching what my mother has so lovingly called the “hungry grumpy Jess” phase I decided I would go for quantity rather than quality. The phad thai seemed to be the most bang for my buck and the difference between the chicken and vegetarian was an outrageous three whole dollars. Had I known what I know now, I would have swallowed the three bucks in exchange for swallowing some delicious chicken, but enough of the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s. The food came, and it was fine. My friend Sangwa asked me if I was a vegetarian and feeling a little cheeky, I responded yes, thinking, do I look stupid? (Vegetarians, please read on… my ignorance is temporary, I promise) I then quickly amended my statement saying I was just kidding, and then expressed my love for meat. He explained how he was a vegetarian for a couple of years and once again my tongue spoke before my mind had a chance to stop it. Smugly, I replied “that doesn’t seem that hard.” I guess you could say I had to eat my words. Well after I had regrettably dismissed Sangwa’s vegetarian lifestyle, he said he didn’t think I could do it. For those of you who know me (which I am assuming all of you do, if not, hi) the quickest way to get me to do something is to tell me that I can’t. So from that point it was game on. I was challenged to be a vegetarian for the month of September. The rules were simple and the game plan was green.  So on September 1st, I embarked on my vegetarian endeavor, with the support of wonderful friends like Julie Fujita who created a support group on fb (to join, simply go to my profile under “my info” and look under my groups). I must say the first week was definitely the hardest. I would wake up with bacon withdrawal headaches and sleep dreaming of chicken enchiladas. My first vegetarian lunch were three mini Hershey chocolate bars and a bite of a cookie. As you can see, my knowledge of vegetarian meals was non-existent. I then did what I am sure most vegetarians in Seattle do. I went to Trader Joes. To my delight, I discovered it is a vegetarian’s paradise! Spicy spinach pizzas, hummus, stir fry, guacamole and the thing that has kept me living for the past 18 days…. Sour cream. I would have never thought that something so condiment’ish would become such a life saver. I really have no idea why I love it so much. When I eat meals and it’s not on the table, there is hole in my heart approximately the size 16 oz plastic container. Reaching the halfway point a few days back compelled me to write a blog about the experience.  For the past two weeks with the exception of an accidental toquito mishap and crab cakes at the space needle (approved), my life has been meatless. I have become accustomed to this new lifestyle, but don’t think for a second I’m not counting down to October 1st. There is a big bowl of bulgolgi waiting out there somewhere with my name on it.



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