I’m a Mac.

On Friday night I had dinner and a movie with my dear friend Krysta. When I got home, I was pooped in general from a long week and I had just softly wept for a solid 90 minutes while watching My Sister’s Keeper. After getting into my jammies, I made my way over to the couch and turned Gatsby on. Gatsby is my Mac whom I’ve had since my senior year of college. I was doing my usual facebook thang, when all of a sudden, he froze. This is not unusual for him, so I did my typical swirl finger on the touch pad, spacebar twice and wait… Nothing. No worries, step two. Swirl, swirl, spacebar twice, adjust the screen back and forth and click randomly on the screen… Nothing. Still, no worries. Step three. Ctrl, apple, delete… nothing. Step four. Force shut down. So I turned him off. I turned Gatsby back on, and after waiting a few minutes the blue start-up screen was still “thinking”… I could feel the pit of panic in my stomach start to expand. Then, what all Mac users dread started blinking on my screen. A gray folder with a question mark aka the blue screen of death. I then noticed Gatsby started making this unusual ticking noise… Being the cool and collected person I am, I automatically jumped to the conclusion that someone broke into my house, hacked into Gatsby and planted a bomb inside. You think I’m just being funny, but I honestly thought my life was in danger. Well, after reasoning with the voices in my head I knew that it probably wasn’t a bomb, but most likely had something to do with my hard drive. I called Heather and told her what had happened and we both knew Gatsby was toast. Surprisingly, I wasn’t that sad once I knew he was unsalvageable. I mean, of course it saddened me to know that I lost all of my photos, music, college papers, etc. But I’ll live. Now, it was figuring out what to do with him since he was hanging onto life by a single megabyte. We made our way to the Genius Bar at the U-Village last night and I was prepared to replace him for a $700 PC. I poked around the Mac store while waiting for my turn at the bar and knew there was no way I could afford to get a new Mac, no matter how pretty and shiny they were. Barry called us up and I told him what was going on. With an empathetic look, he said “yeah… it sounds like he’s shot. You’ll need to get a new hard drive.” I started talking with God saying, okay… if it’s less than $500, then I’ll do it, but if it’s more, then I’ll just buy a new computer. I asked Barry how much it was going to cost and he said $99. I was floored. Before he could change his mind, I told him to ring me up. Then Barry said, “Oh. wait a minute… let me look something up.,,” The catch. I knew it. “Actually, the hard drive isn’t $99… it’s FREE.” Free?! Could it get any better? “Oh, and you know what… I can upgrade your hard drive to a 20 gig since your other one was smaller. I know your warranty is expired, but this was a bad hard drive, so it’s free.” I guess it can get better! Can you even believe it!? I was so happy, I could have floated out of the store. Definitely one of the highlights of my year. From this experience, my allegiance will now forever be to Macs. Moral of the story: God is faithful. Lately I have been stressed about money and when Gatsby died, I was like “really God?… really?” But of course, God was faithful… like always.


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  1. Laura Chery

    Hey there! I picked up your blog through Heather’s…or maybe through Facebook, I forget. Anyway…enjoyed your Mac story. Enjoyed even more the idea that God gave you something great and unexpected 🙂 You make me want to be more of a silver-lining type person.

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