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Chicken for One

This week I was reminded of my singleness from an unexpected source. It was a roasted chicken from Costco that was graciously given to me on Sunday after the Blue Sky Anniversary Party. I was so excited to have this FREE, bountiful and plump bird that the possible ramifications never crossed my mind. Here is the breakdown:
Sunday lunch: Chicken and fried rice

Sunday dinner: Chicken, fried rice, and baked beans

Monday lunch: Chicken sandwich and Scrabble Cheez-its.

Monday dinner: Chicken and fried rice

Tuesday lunch: Chicken sandwich and Scrabble Cheez-its

Tuesday dinner: Ice cream

Wednesday lunch: Chicken sandwich and Scrabble Cheez-its

Wednesday dinner: Chicken pesto with pasta… and Scrabble Cheez-its

Thursday lunch: Chicken pesto with pasta

Thursday dinner: Chicken Quesadilla  

Friday Lunch: Chicken Quesadilla

Friday Dinner: Most likely Chicken Quesadilla

Do you see a theme? If you’ve ever wondered how many meals you can make out of one roasted chicken I have the answer. Twelve. I know you think I counted wrong, but even after tonight’s dinner, I will still have a left over quesadilla. That’s right. TWELVE meals involving roasted chicken. I am very much a creature of habit, but once Thursday hit, I thought if I have to eat one more chicken sandwich with scrabble cheez-its I might cry. The worst part was I couldn’t take a break. Chicken doesn’t last forever, so it’s been a marathon of chicken all week to make sure none of it goes to waste.

As far as the Scrabble Cheez-its, I take full responsibility for this. They too have gotten to the point that when I eat them, I no longer taste the salty goodness they once provided me, but it now has no taste and now solely provides additional substance to my meal. Unfortunately, my love for Scrabble keeps me coming back. I mean, what other snack can you form words and total the points system at the end of your meal? It’s also rather extra-ordinary since the Cheez-its tile distribution is completely skewed, so it’s fun to have a surplus amount of letters I wouldn’t normally have. Anyways, sorry, random tangent. Back to the chicken! I write merely to warn other singles who like free food. The next time someone offers you a free roasted chicken, make sure you completely think it through before saying yes to the deliciously deceiving bird.



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