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Field Trip

**Okay, so I wrote this blog back in December maybe and just never got around to publishing it. I was 90% finished and then my dad had a stroke the following day, so things were put on hold. So, sorry if it sounds a bit incomplete. I just needed to get this out of my drafts so I can start with something fresh and new!**


Hello all. You may think that my tone sounds different. Ah yes, that’s because I am not writing to you from my usual location wedged in between my couch cushions with the TV softly chattering in the background. Where I sit, the clicking of my computer keys are muted by the loud Jazz music and screaming coffee grinder. That’s right, I am at Starbucks. I know what you’re thinking. Hypocrite. For those of you who are new, in my last blog, I said when you visit Seattle, Starbucks is a place you should avoid. Well, I am not a visitor, now am I? I said you should avoid Tully’s and Starbucks because, well frankly, there’s better coffee in Seattle. And truly, there is much better coffee out there. However, the second reason I forgot to mention. The other reason is because Starbucks is usually where I hang out and I don’t want tourists hanging around taking pictures in front of the Top Pot Donuts and taking over 5 minutes to order their drink when you know their just going to get a caramel frappacino because it comes with whip cream that you can slurp with your straw. Am I right? There’s something about Starbucks I really enjoy. I think we have a lot in common actually. If Starbucks were personified, I think it would be a lot like me- extroverted, a bit loud, friendly and sometimes a little over the top. Or am I like Starbucks? Similar to Starbucks, I can be quiet, meditative and sometimes a bit boring. I close at around 10:30 for bed and mornings seem to be my most productive hours. I accept all sorts of people and some people may not like me at first, but like Starbucks, I’m everywhere so they get used to it. And there’s something comforting about Starbucks. You know wherever you go, it’s always there. I hope people see me like that. Anywho, moving on. Ok, confession… So, I should be studying for the GRE that is rapidly nipping at my heals, but here I am. Blogging. I have a legitamate excuse though. I brought my GRE prep cd, but apparently, the GRE doesn’t think people with Macs need to study for the GRE. So here I am people watching. Speaking of which, the last few times I have been at Starbucks, I have been witness to random blind dates. In all instances the guy was always the first to arrive. This may sound strange, but you can actually spot them. You know, that one guy with the loafers, ironed jeans, button up shirt, waiting anxiously with his cup off coffee that he sips slowly so he won’t be finished by the time she gets there. He keeps his jacket on, just in case she no shows and schizophrenically glances at every person that walks through the door. Just as he thinks he has been Punk’ed, like a warm breeze she arrives. She quickly glances around Starbucks for her date… brown hair, 6’2’’ and will have Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment on the table. Finally, she spots him, they shake hands and she apologizes for being late, and he says oh, it’s fine he also just got there. Liar. As I type, there is a man and women sitting in front of me shamelessly flirting with each other. It’s definitely a first date, all the classic signs are there. Man there first- check. Can smell his cologne from here- check. She arrives 20 minutes later- check. They shake hands- check. She playfully pushes his shoulder, I am sure saying something to the effect of “oh stop, you big strong brute” while her eyes are saying please never leave my side. Now he is looking pretty serious. Umm… they just kissed. Wow. Oh wait! And now they are leaving! Wait, is it creepy that I am typing their every move? I think pathetic would be the more appropriate word in this case. Okay, I know this is a bit of a tangent, but this is precisely why the world needs English majors… Someone has to tell your story.


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